Tuesday, 30 October 2007

circular needles and storing them

I've often read discussions on the ways different folks store their circulars; and how annoying it is that some don't have the sizes written on them, though you can always check again with a needle gauge...but it's a pest to have to do that.

The way I've found which works for me is to keep them in the packets they are bought in, and for whatever project I'm doing, I put the appropriate empty packets in along with whatever I'm making.

The ones waiting to be used are all kept together in a zippered bag, in their individual packs.

Today I got a very cheap wee digital camera, and was experimenting , and took a picture of my circular needle bag, which I love - it's a Laurel Burch one, and even has a little brass tag on the zipper, with two Laurel Burch cats on it.

so, here goes with the first attempt at posting one of my pictures in a post.......that's it at the top right.......

Saturday, 27 October 2007


Does everyone have difficulty writing their first blog post? I just want to get one there and see it on the page.....I've tried to put a few links and so on, just for a start, and will add as I go along. Meanwhile, as luck would have it, I'm not too well today and lack of concentration means I feel very frustrated about not being able to write all of the the things which are crammed inside my head just waiting to pour onto the screen....so I shall make this my very first post, leave it at that, and go and knit a little. To anyone who sees this - thank you for getting this far and welcome....

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