Saturday, 21 June 2008

baby socks for cats and first try at dyeing

two pairs of baby socks for the open day at the cat shelter, to raise funds......hopefully more to follow. On the left - Regia Parrot. On the right - Regia cotton top. Basic rib and stocking stitch, from Cat Bordhi.

Also..first attempt at dyeing! Some wound balls of alpaca..all plain to start. I did each one separately, as a ball, but dropping it into about an inch of boiling water in an old pyrex coffee pot, and adding food colours, then leaving for several hours to soak up the colour.One using red and yellow, one plain blue, one blue with a touch of red. Great fun, and looking forward to trying skeins - I had these already to hand so it was just an experiment but takles forever to dry in a ball - even using a hairdryer :)

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ambermoggie said...

lovely socks and dyed yarn:) Is the sock pattern easy?