Wednesday, 30 September 2009

bits and pieces

just some random stuff.......I can't bear the past one being the post I keep seeing when I look at my blog - don't want to delete it, glad I wrote it, but just need to write something more.......

so - some random stuff, like I said.

Something I find really irritating.....when names are shortened (eg "Corrie" for "Coronation Street"; "Strictly" for "Strictly Come Dancing".and more)

My favourite ever piece of graffiti, seen on the back of a grotty mucky lorry, waiting at the traffic lights outside the Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, years ago.......written in the dust:


(ref. the song "Donald, where's yer Troosers?" for anyone who doesn't know)

That cracked me up and still does.

Ok, let's see, what else.......can't think: that'll do for now......

but a huge big thank you for all the love and support....

Saturday, 26 September 2009

in loving memory of a sweet fur baby

as some friends know, we had a complete litter of kittens, just over fourteen years ago, and Dear Duchess crossed the rainbow bridge a year ago....and I'm still not over that.

Last Monday, my dear husbadnd's birthday(76), who has been through two strokes and a brain haemmorhage, we had to have out beloved Toty put to sleep. She was his 'wee pal'.

she was......a particularly loving girl, a tomboy, a character, a daddy's girl; she would bring back a ball thrown for her, more like a wee sheepdog than a cat, but all cat for all that; she was brave and daring and beautiful and we loved her with all our hearts.

what do you do.......keep going; Socks, her sister, the Last of the Mohicans, is here and needing her own brand of love and cuddles. Not a cuddle cat; Toty had 'wee cuddles'(on my lap) or 'big cuddles'(on my shoulder and breast).

I love/d them all, Socks, Toty and the Duchess; and am right now mourning my sweet baby girl tomboy who gave so much and asked so little.

She was a 'disabled' cat - she needed constant care as she had had a corneal ulcer(due to veterinary misdiagnosis) when she was less than a year old, and for her whole life I had to make sure she had Viscotears at least once a day, and constant eye care.

I have lost someone who meant more to me than many people.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

tuesday poem

oh life confusing
moments of panic
moments of nice
moments of memories long ago,
yet clear as though they are today.......

keep going keep going keep going
don't know the destination