Saturday, 26 September 2009

in loving memory of a sweet fur baby

as some friends know, we had a complete litter of kittens, just over fourteen years ago, and Dear Duchess crossed the rainbow bridge a year ago....and I'm still not over that.

Last Monday, my dear husbadnd's birthday(76), who has been through two strokes and a brain haemmorhage, we had to have out beloved Toty put to sleep. She was his 'wee pal'.

she was......a particularly loving girl, a tomboy, a character, a daddy's girl; she would bring back a ball thrown for her, more like a wee sheepdog than a cat, but all cat for all that; she was brave and daring and beautiful and we loved her with all our hearts.

what do you do.......keep going; Socks, her sister, the Last of the Mohicans, is here and needing her own brand of love and cuddles. Not a cuddle cat; Toty had 'wee cuddles'(on my lap) or 'big cuddles'(on my shoulder and breast).

I love/d them all, Socks, Toty and the Duchess; and am right now mourning my sweet baby girl tomboy who gave so much and asked so little.

She was a 'disabled' cat - she needed constant care as she had had a corneal ulcer(due to veterinary misdiagnosis) when she was less than a year old, and for her whole life I had to make sure she had Viscotears at least once a day, and constant eye care.

I have lost someone who meant more to me than many people.


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oh no:( I am so sorry sending hugs and strength