Wednesday, 30 September 2009

bits and pieces

just some random stuff.......I can't bear the past one being the post I keep seeing when I look at my blog - don't want to delete it, glad I wrote it, but just need to write something more.......

so - some random stuff, like I said.

Something I find really irritating.....when names are shortened (eg "Corrie" for "Coronation Street"; "Strictly" for "Strictly Come Dancing".and more)

My favourite ever piece of graffiti, seen on the back of a grotty mucky lorry, waiting at the traffic lights outside the Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, years ago.......written in the dust:


(ref. the song "Donald, where's yer Troosers?" for anyone who doesn't know)

That cracked me up and still does.

Ok, let's see, what else.......can't think: that'll do for now......

but a huge big thank you for all the love and support....

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Heather said...

That's a great piece of graffiti!!