Tuesday, 6 January 2009

resolutions, and other things

inspiration from Knitty Fred......to match my stash to patterns, and (try) not to buy any more wool(yes, I still think of it as wool, whatever it's made of......trying to make myself say yarn, but am not there yet)

so, made a start this afternoon, and it was good, enjoyable....got the creative spark and juices flowing a bit, which was nice.

I've also started some crochet, which I'm liking; love the clover hooks, and the gorgeous knitpicks wooden one......

on another note: treated myself to some square circulars(from the US) and am finding them impossible to use: notn because of the squareness, ut because the cable is far too flexible - it's like trying to knit with cooked spaghetti. I know cables need to be flexible, but this is just impossible(for me) to use.......anyone else out there tried them?

just been playing a cd.....I'm going to blog about it on my other blog(yes, I have another one!) which is music based.....for anyone who might be interested, it's called

Colonel Carter's Cello

and with that I'll just wish a very happy new year and all the best to my 'regular suspects'(that's a compliment...from 'Casablanca')and to anyone who looks in or posts ...... you are most welcome here, thank you for visiting, and please do drop by again, either here, or over at the Cello..........

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ambermoggie said...

Happy new year to you. May it be a creative and joyous year for you