Thursday, 28 May 2009


got this.....and it is gorgeous......colour, smell. touch, everything.......ooooohhhhh.......grand way to brighten myself up......

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RenateS. said...

The color is stunning. Fortunately, I have my on dyer living right under my roof. Rats, I'd sure would love to have those magazines. But then again, I have more mags and books than the size of my house can really support, so I'll just be satisfied with finding it over here. The English edition of Verena (German magazine from Burda) is also a good magazine. So much to see and read, so little time. I love your headline "in the middle of nowhere." I describe where I live as "400 miles from everywhere" which comes out of a series of books called the "Cat that....". From the middle of Michigan and up, there are just no large cities.
Regards, Renate