Monday, 16 January 2012

long time no post here.....2012 already....

I am so glad to see the back 0f 2011: so much horrible stuff......husband suicidally depressed, then hospitalised(for something else)....breast lump for me, fortunately benign.....I had a stroke, back in - I think - April...and various other difficulties health and home wise....and then my mother killed in a fire in November.

not a good year.

thank heavens for good friends(mainly online...only one remaining 'real life' friend), lovely neighbours who are there to help and support at any time, and a new beginning which came just before my mother's death(more on that in a different blog).... and if it wasn't for her, I would not have it, so for all the unfortunate and difficult things which happened between us, she left me a wonderful legacy which is giving me comfort.

I did a lot of grieving for her long before she actually died: so it still feels surreal and strange, and the manner of her death was terribly upsetting. Her wee cat died with her. I'm going to leave this here now as I'm getting teary again.