Friday, 16 May 2014

Back in the midden....

.....after a long absence.   Thinking it might be A Good Thing to do, to help myself.

So, looking back, I said 2011 was bad....well, 2012 continued in that flavour.

Husband had two more strokes, I had a breakdown, unable to give him the 24 hour care he now needed, and in July 2012 he went into a nursing home.

Fast forward a little, and the nursing home has been in the news for all the wrong reasons: poor care, huge investigation going on.

So, just keeping going.

I want to try to blog a little, often, as I said, to help myself; it's interesting looking at all the links and interests I had ...still have, as Im not sure which to delete, and will take my time thinking about it.... which are either much less relevant or not at all; and many new ones to add.

So, that will be good, to do that. Keep busy, in whatever ways Im able.