Monday, 17 December 2007

new Opal sock yarn, and stitch markers

two weeks since I head's just been clogged up with reaction to the emotional stuff.

Anyway, here now, and writing about something's post brought me this: Opal Zircus sock yarn, shade 2000, absolutely gorgeous and looks good enough to eat :)

and these:

millefiore stitch markers....I don't normally like heart shapes, but these are beautiful . I'm very fond of millefiore and it'll add pleasure to the making of the sock.

Both came from KnitterBabes, a UK ebay shop; I've bought from them before and they are alovely friendly place to deal with.

Trying to finish the second in a pair of gauntlet length fingerless mitts, for myself, in time for Thursday, so I can show them off - going for the second of three tetanus boosters. They're also in Opal, but the thicker type, Ladybird colour: lovely red and white with little bits of black, and done on two Addi circs. The pattern is a mix of different sources....really just made up; cast on 52 stitches, k2p2 rib fot a couple of inches, then stocking stitch as long as I want them, finishing with a thumb gusset and ribup to near my top knuckles.

I should have made the thumb longer as I have a very long thumb(have hyper mobility syndrome).....will remember this for future ones as it's a nice, easy, 'mindless' project.

Pictures when finished if I can :)

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ambermoggie said...

ging and I love the goodies:) Must have a look at knitterbabes
Keep smiling