Sunday, 2 December 2007


I've been thinking about the whole blogging thing - about why I'm doing it; and I've come to the conclusion that it's first and foremost for ME. A collection of bits and pieces, 'journally' entries, pictures, links, sites which interest me or which I belong to.....a source page for myself of and for things which I enjoy.

It's also a means of communication - sometimes I know, when people post or email me, and sometimes I don't: perhaps someone will pass by and have a read, and maybe click on a link, or look at a picture, and find something of interest, but I'll never know........I rather like that idea too. I like the mix, the combination, the way it achieves different things for me in different ways. It's at one and the same time a notebook for me to keep for myself, to remember things, to talk or question, to list my likes and thoughts, and also a means of letting myself be a little open to showing that to people, and maybe giving an idea or a piece of information along the way.

Or even as I've found from reading other blogs, occasionally someone might 'pass through' and read something and go away thinking 'I'm glad someone else feels that way too......'

so, this afternoon I've spent a wee while tinkering and pottering and adding a few links and bits and pieces of more of the things which interest me. And I greatly enjoyed it :)

so it's as much about the process as anything else, I guess.....

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Knitman said...

Good for you. Blogging is about doing something for you, that pleases you. If it pleases others too, all well and good but first and foremost it is for you.