Friday, 30 November 2007

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

today, 30th November, is St. Andrew's Day........St Andrew being the Patron Saint of Scotland.

Emotionally - I am up and down: just had a 'happy cry' while watching the very last episode of Voyager, where they return to Earth.....of course, I knew how it ended, seen it before and all that, but just found myself having 'a good greet'(which means a good cry).

And now for something easy but useful - I read a recent post in a knitting group which said that the writer made a scarf as a way of 'swatching'......I HATE swatching, so am about to do this - I want to make myself a long waistcoat with some Regia cotton, and need to try a different size needle, so it seems like a good idea. Have finished the pair of k1p1 scarves for H. and D. but no more k1p1 for a while......

thanks to all who have put messages on here, or emailed me - much appreciated and I want to write back doing so gradually as I'm having a hard time concentrating right now.....but I just wanted to say a big thank means a lot.......

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