Sunday, 4 November 2007

thank you!

to all the kind folks who sent blog messages and emails......I'm as chuffed as anything: just thinking about people reading it is lovely, but the kind comments were just so nice. Thank you all so much.

this blog thing is addictive.....I'm enjoying it so much; there are so many things involved - it's fun to tinker and potter and add things, and try to make it look attractive. I look forward to blethering more about all kinds of things, including some things which I don't do a lot, but enjoy - such as tatting - and some which I no longer do but loved when I did, such as bobbin lacemaking. I also used to do my own lace bobbins, painting tiny pictures, or quotations; I still have some somewhere and I'll try to find them and see if I can get some pictures up of them.

oh, and something I hope to try very soon - spinning; I have the spindle, and stuff to I just need to leap in and try it :)

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