Thursday, 15 November 2007

trying to catch up with myself

have been itching to blog, and email, and read, and knit, and generally do all the things I enjoy doing, but this has been a week of things getting in the way: a bundle bits and pieces of health issues, all at once - fibro flare/sinusitis/headache/bout of IBS among others, which stopped me doing most of my regular wee things.

Also - the emotional problem; this week I took steps to try to help myself. Rather than a complete cutting of ties with the person concerned, I have stated that I wish to have a break from communications for six months. It felt like a compromise between doing nothing(which was not an option, for my sanity's sake) and completely cutting off.....which remains an option if this 'break' doesn't help. Anyway, I have done something.

I'm also catching up with myself mentally - emotional things tend to make me woolly headed(no pun intended)and forgetful, so it's just a case of doing a little at a time.

I have lots of things I want to photograph, but will wait and have a 'photo session' ......meantimes will be carrying on with some easy things already on the go......

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