Friday, 2 November 2007

keeping going, and ravelry.....

woke today feeling quite panicky and anxious, over yesterday's upset, but I know I still have to deal with the situation and take the difficult but necessary action, which will be painful, but has to be done. So it's all about 'keeping going' right now, and keeping my mind and hands busy with the little ordinary everyday things, so knitting is good for that - simple and colourful and easy.

and after thinking and wondering what the fuss was about, I took the plunge and signed up on Ravelry...and now have to resist the urge to keep checking what 'number' I'm at on the waiting list. :)

never mind, it's fun, and another little thing to help me keep going. I was out for a little while this afternoon, just a short walk to the shops, and on the way back a song came into my old Scots song by Harry Lauder: "Keep Right On Till The End Of The Road". The whole thing seem to play in my though someone was singing it for me, to help me. Maybe sounds silly, but it helped.

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Anonymous said...

Been in this same situation. Went back for another try and got the same old stuff. The best thing I did for myself and those around me (because it affected me which in turn affected them) was to just cut the ties and be done with it. Sure, I still think about it from time to time but the drama is no longer a part of my life and things are so much less intense. I was sad it went that way. In the end, it was the best thing for me.