Wednesday, 28 November 2007

vindictive, vicious, sarcastic, nasty........

......the compromise I spoke of in an earlier post was not only not respected, but yesterday I received a response to it, which was all of the title and more......showed the person's true colours.

Today I am physically exhausted, but mentally managing better than I would have thought - so far. I just find it difficult to understand and believe how this person can be so horrible. My request was polite, and an attempt at trying to make some sort of possibility of there being a relationship.

My feeling now is that this will not be possible. Wish I could put it into words better......actually I don't have any words for the feelings I have inside right now: it's such a mixture of sadness, bewilderment, upset, anger, and other things that I just can't put a name to. Hurt, of course....but seeing it in its proper light, I suppose.......

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ambermoggie said...

Oh Claire I'm so sorry:( It is their loss though.
BTW thanks Claire, I appreciate your email. It wouldn't let me reply for some reason?
We were actually talking about cats earlier, I think we want to try and make
the back garden cat proof, so cats can't get out and then maybe, fingers
crossed, we would be able to get another cat. I do miss having cats around
it is the longest I've ever had to live with no cats.
So keep your fingers crossed:)
pictures are lovely:)