Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A find in the charity shop

on my way round to the doctor for a tetanus jab(cat claw caught in my finger last night, while trying to catch a cat who was sliding off the back of the couch...not her fault: a deep puncture, ick) I looked in at one of the local charity(thrift?) shops, and headed as usual for the knitting pattern box, where I found a Regia pattern booklet......socks, hats, mitts, jumpers, all sorts of things. All in German :) I know a few words and think it's enough to get by....just delighted to find a Regia pattern booklet!

Fortunately the puncture in the finger is in the middle rather than on the end, as it's my 'needle pushing finger'.......left index.......


ambermoggie said...

ouch:( hope you are ok and it doesn't stop the knitting. You can translate on line, did you know? google or babbelfish I think

Tenna Draper said...

check out my blog, because I have the oddest news!