Thursday, 10 January 2008

First one of the year - fearless :)

if anyone still looks in here - and I do hope they do - a very Happy New Year. Starting by doing something 'fearless'.......well, having added a 'fearless knitter' button, I felt I had to :)

I did something I wanted to instead of what I thought I ought to :
a three needle cast-off on a sock toe, instead of grafting.

And it turned out fine, I like it, and it suits the shape of my feet. I have long, thin pointy toed feet. Like a giant elf :)

So, boldly going, here in the midden! A fearless wee midden! Well, a start, anyway.

And I won a prize - gorgeous home made stitchmarkers, from Monica on her blogiversary, at The Chronicles of the Lazy Knitter......lovely to win something! Thank you so much......

Oh, and have fallen madly in love with Lorna's Laces......sigh......

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Spinningfishwife said...

I can't graft...well, I can, if I take about three hours to do eight stitches. So I always use the 30 second 3-needle cast off on socks. No-one has yet ripped them off my feet in the middle of town and stoned or mocked me for this.

And it works just fine. Mind you, the Magic Cast on (see Knitty) for toe up socks will make you weep with joy, it's so elegant and simple.