Sunday, 19 October 2008

frogging, knitting, and tennis

having tried and frogged something(several times) a few days ago, and then done likewise today(another thing), it's definitely time for the plain old stocking stitch knee socks are out and being (hopefully) finished: one already done, and the second is half way up the leg. Perfect mindless knitting for not even having to look at, except the occasional glance, and needs no thought at all. Great for doing while watching the tennis.

The funny thing is - the colour is one I would not choose: it is SO not my colour....I'm a red person, and this is a weird mix of bright green/blue/brown /beige...but is Lorna's Laces(and I'd knit with LL in any colour) Got it in an ebay auction, and thought it would be just right for boot socks, as I didn't see the point in using a lovely colour for something which would be almost all covered up(I've found - for me - the perfect shoes for showing off socks: Doc Marten's Mary Janes. And they are heavenly to wear, too, which is nice)

so the odd colour is proving to make for an enjoyable knit all round - relaxing, useful, and knowing I won't be covering up a colour I want to show off.

I'm a women's tennis fan, but like to keep track of Andy Murray, so this afternoon's final between him and Simone will be worth a watch..the Auld Alliance of Scotland and France......

Right, back to Franklin's Panopticon(the name of the weird LL boot sock colour)

Oh, and I have a ganglion at the base of my right index finger: ow. I had one before, years ago, on the other hand, saw the doc, and it went away by itself, so I hope this one does too......worst finger for it; my main knitting/mousing/typing/you name it finger......

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