Friday, 10 October 2008

a poem, sort of

The rain the rain is pishin' doon
And I have to go 'doon the toon'
This wee poem came to mind
As to myself I must be kind
It rhymes but doesn't scan
And thus reminds me of that man
Who wrote what some call doggerel:
William Topaz McGonagall
Catterel* is a better name
For crappy poetry that's lame
So off I'll go and get my mac
And put it on my weary back
(I mean the coat, not the machine -
Now that would be a sight to be seen)
And shuffle off along the road
My shopping trolley being towed
Along behind me, just in case,
The parcel's too heavy for my arms to embrace.

written by the Midden, on this wet Friday morning, and dedicated to Amber and Heather ;)

*definition of 'Catterel': rotten verse written by a cat lover who may or may not be able to do much better but enjoys messing about with words


Heather said...

I really loved your little ditty,
And thought your language very pretty;
Thanks for mentioning my name -
I love to have a little fame!


love Heather x

ambermoggie said...

As down the toon our miss doth go
she leaves behind a tail of woe
yon little kits so sad to see
waiting her return for tea

and yes I spelt tail that way on purpose:)

Anne said...

Oh I love it! Can't reply in kind... poetry challenged :)

crafty wee midden said...

ah, but anne, that's the beauty of 'catterell'...there are no rules... ;)