Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I got a swift!

when I can get my head together I'm going to have a photo session.....lots of things: finished socks, in Opal Zirkus, finished alpaca bedsocks for A. in Inca Cloud ( supposed to be 'Electric Blue' but my idea of electric seems different...this is a darkish 'Scotland' blue: to me, electric blue is much brighter and closer to turquoise..anyway, they keep his feet cosy and help his circulation which is what matters)

and today's goodie....a swift, bought on ebay for - wait for it - £1....... it's an old but not antique one; made of metal, clean as a whistle, three arms with adjustable lengths, which folds down when not in use: the middle slots into a clamp which holds it on the edge of the table. I have just christened it and it was a delight to use.......really easy, looks nice, worked like a dream, and takes so much less time, even balling by hand.

I wound another recent ebay goodie - a skein of Jitterbug in shade Mardi Gras, and it looks gorgeous......edible!

any suggestions - socks? or socks? or socks? or should I be daring and do a scarf or some fingerless mitts?

all of which helped take my mind of having storm damage on the roof repaired this afternoon....

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ambermoggie said...

Wow lucky you:)
Working on a wee figure for you, just trying to work out Doc Martens:))
I'd make fingerless gloves in the jitterbug:)
Hope you are well